How Can Churches Engage Teens/Young Adults

Don’t despise their youth!
  1. Talk about the hard subjects. Young people aren’t children. Show them what the Bible says about mental health, death, marriage, rape. The Word is illuminating but often youth don’t know where to go but they are curious. Take the time to teach them.
  2. Use music they have heard and can relate to. Sing songs from this millenia, just saying. And at a youth service, it’s okay to let them pick the music. They want to feel close to God and music is one way to usher in the presence of the Lord.
  3. Get them involved in the work. You would be surprised at how many young people actually want to get involved but don’t feel welcome. Ask them (but don’t force it) and if there is a youth service, have them run it (with the help of the elders in the church, of course).
  4. Have services/events just for them. Whether it is a Sunday service or a Friday service, offer a time where the majority of those in attendance are younger. Have the youth lead the worship and from time to time have one bring the message. Get them involved and make them feel comfortable and included.
  5. Ask them what they want to know about from a godly perspective. Young people are curious and want to learn. The Bible is full of wisdom and knowledge, ask them how your church can make itself more inclusive.



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